Audison Thesis TH Quattro

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Audison Thesis TH quattro, 4-Kanaals A-klasse versterker met analoge en digitale inputs

Extra informatie

Merk Audison
Model Thesis TH Quattro
Versterkte kanalen output 4-Kanaals
High Level input 4 Kanalen
Low Level input 4 Kanalen
Digitale input Optical, AD link
Optimizing Card input Nee
Analoog (RCA) output 2 Kanalen
Opbouw Klasse A
High Pass Filter 18 ÷ 7.5 kHz @ 12/24dB
Low Pass Filter 18 ÷ 7.5 kHz @ 12/24dB
Piek vermogen Niet bekend
RMS vermogen Nee
RMS vermogen @ 1 Ohm 4 x 340 Watt
RMS vermogen @ 2 Ohm 4 x 260 Watt of 2 x 700Watt (ook 3-Kanaals configuratie mogelijk)
RMS vermogen @ 4 Ohm 4 x 160 Watt of 2 x 500 Watt. In A-Klasse mode 4 x 55 Watt (ook 3-Kanaals configuratie mogelijk)
Aansluiting Bass Remote Nee
Afstandbediening Ja (optioneel)
Bluetooth ondersteuning Nee
Afmeting (l x b x h in mm) 259 x 510 x 67
EAN code 0
Artikelnummer thesisthquattro

The Project
The roads travelled to reach “the Sound” have created a conceptual cross-road, where state of the art digital
technology and traditional techniques have gone their separate ways.
They both have benefits of a different nature, yet are capable of merging together to achieve much higher
Sound quality levels.
The Thesis amplifiers are born from these considerations. The parts related to signal amplification are
manufactured using the highest level of analog technology while, at the same time, the input section along with
the processing and monitoring functions of the amplifier are the result of the most advanced digital technology.

The TH quattro is a four-channel power amplifier, designed for use in car. It is technologically progressive,
featuring original circuitry, with extraordinary sound, consistent with Audison tradition.

This manual is divided into sections allowing the use of the TH amplifier in standard settings or
using its specific features in “digital” settings. Each section is marked by its corresponding

General Part:
The TH amplifiers need to be connected like any other amplifier, in compliance with safe
working conditions. Installation as well as power supply and speaker connections have to be
made properly, following the standard methods a specialty store normally follows.

Classic Domain:
Despite the endless settings and customising possibilities ASC (Amplifier Status Controller)
offers, the TH amplifiers can also be used in a traditional way, taking advantage of the analog
inputs and of the controls which provide the signal to the final stages.
The setting of the sensitivity, stereo or bridged mono configuration, the inputs sensitivity, the
electronic crossovers on slide-through boards as well as the PRE bypass out, anyway let to
include the TH within the traditional systems or to to build amplifying chains with absolute
audiophile quality.

Digital Domain:
The TH amplifiers feature ASC (Amplifier Status Controller) which provides several factory
functions for the complete control of all the amplifier’s functions.
Heart of the system is a digital power microprocessor. It manages the amplifier functions and
communicates with the user through a control panel as well as the Display Monitor, featuring the
DRC remote control or, in a more complete and direct way, through the ACNet Audison
Controller Network software.
The ASC menu allows the amplifier set up, monitors the working conditions, viewable through a
Status Monitor feature, also making the data available on the display intermittently. A USB
connector enables the connection of the system to a computer, while the AC Link (Audison
Control Link) allows the creation of communication network. The software will take care of the
functional operations for all the amplifiers within the whole chain (system), providing a simple
and complete interface. A revolutionary method for configuration which, up to know, were
impossible to achieve with traditional designs.

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Audison Thesis TH quattroAudison Thesis TH quattro
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